If you are in the market for a new medical billing software package you more than likely have considered an online medical billing software solution. These solutions are becoming more and more common as traditional client server application become 100% web based solutions. Before you make a commitment to a complete online billing or practice management solution you need to consider the pros and cons. You are essentially selecting a platform that the core of your practice relies on for cash flow. In this article we will go over the pros and cons of online medical billing solutions.

The Pro’s For Using Online Billing Software

No doubt you have experience with the traditional software delivery model. In this model,Is Online Medical Billing Software A Good Decision? Articles you need a server and local network where you connect to your server and your medical billing and practice management database. In this model, you need IT infrastructure to support the product as well as IT and computer assistance to support both the software and hardware. Many today still use this model successfully and actually prefer to have Doctors MACRA Services their data in their procession. Many are finding an alternative in the online solutions.

The online solutions for sure have pluses. Some of these are:

· An internal server is not required to host your medical billing or practice management database.

· Server maintenance is no longer required, saving you money on the server hardware as well as the associated maintenance contracts.

· No more software updates. Due to the fact that the solution is completely online, the online software vendor will maintain the software included in your monthly fee.

· HIPAA Secure. Most all of the online solutions maintain HIPAA Security and accreditation. This means that you can prove HIPAA compliance using their software.

· Your Data Is Offsite. This is often a plus in that your data is offsite in the event of a disaster.

· Reduced support costs. Due to the fact that your server is offsite, you may now require less time from your IT provider.


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